Rates (overnight)

  • W
  • Adult 10zł9zł
  • Child 2-14lat 8zł7zł
  • Tent 1-2 people 6zł4zł
  • Tent 3-4 people 7zł5zł
  • Tent 5 or more people 8zł6zł
  • Small caravan 9zł7zł
  • Large caravan 12zł11zł
  • Caravan vestibule 4zl4zł
  • Connecting power to the tent 7zl5zł
  • Connecting power to the caravan 11zł10zł
  • Camper 12zł11zł
  • Pets (current vac. booklet must be shown) 10zł10zł
  • Car one time fee 10zł10zł
  • Van one time fee 13zł13zł
  • Use of kitchen facilities 5zł4zł
  • Umbrella 3zł2zł
  • Day-only camping / entry 10zł10zł
  • Leaving the caravan or tent 7zł/doba7zł/doba
  • Smokehouse 30zł30zł

We also offer a place to stay:

  • A large 4 seater caravan with a vestibule (table, chairs), fully equipped (stove, kettle, plates, kitchen equipment, bed linen) with sanitary facilities

price 30zl / person per night

RESERVATION – mandatory.


  • Stay more than 6 days – 5% discount
  • Stay more than 13 days – 10% discount

Included in the price of your stay, we offer complimentary use of hot and cold water, showers, refrigerators, freezers, sports equipment, bonfires.